The installation consists of a grid antenna with a small wireless enclosure mounted on a pole or bracket outside the house, office, or complex.

Any number of computers can be attached to the system.

The external installation comprises of  a "radio" which is attached to the antenna and connects to one of our Base Stations in your area.  This - typically is in a range of up 50 -60Km from any of our Base Stations.

A Hot Spot has been devised to accommodate ad hoc type of computers (mainly laptops) which come into areas (Lodges, Hospitality Units, Commercial Enterprises - where the users would require connection to the Internet.  Typically, this will not be a permanent connection, but as and when visitors to the network require some Internet time.  The system is completely controlled by the owner of the Hot Spot and can generate Vouchers for visitors for any amount of time at at any predetermined rate.  This gives the owner of the Hot Spot complete control of the time used on the connection, while reassured that NO unauthorized connections will be allowed.  The system is completely secure.