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Package Pricing

We have several other packages also available with a higher FUP.  Please contact us to find your ideal package 

Our Basic uncapped packages do have a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) – this is to ensure that bandwidth is shared as fairly and evenly as possible. a 4 Day FUP means you can use the amount of data specified in the package over a 4 day rolling period average. The link will simply be turned down to 50% and will return to the full potential should the usage fall under the package FUP limit within the 4 day rolling period.  

Full Price List:

Fair usage policy explained: In the example above, data usage is calculated for the past 4 days – for every 20/GB exceeded over and above the first 20GB in these 4 days, the maximum speed of the connection is reduced by the steps indicated (6-4-2-1) to a minimum of 1Mbps in this case. Note: maximum speeds are best effort